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About Entify Foundation

Entify Foundation is a social project with a not-for-profit objective to promote and support individual empowerment and personal growth, through the choice to follow your heart and dreams today, not tomorrow. We nurture the courage to do so.

Foundation supports secretly those who are willing to grow, yet transparently for controlling organizations. Dreams, so as a character are fragile and need nurture but without influence. As if they have achieved it on their own. We merely support and seek no gratitude in return.

We support any project directed towards innovation, personal growth that produces a positive influence on the individual’s growth and as a result benefits the community.

Foundation support does not include (exclude) topics such as politics, religion, or gender-related.

Foundation Values

We believe in a world where anyone can reach for a dream, make a positive impact on personal growth and fulfill others.

– Entify

Time is finite for every person. Time is running out every hour, minute, second, which gets us closer to the end of own existence.

“You cannot get more time, but you can get more value!”

– Jim Rohn
Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker
Personal Development, 1981

Fulfilling others despite implication to own interests – is a sacrifice of own existence (time) to the benefit of others. Our fulfillment comes not only from the good of the act of giving but also the fact that we have “helped” in some way. We have given “fuel”.

“The best way of fulfilling your own interest is to take care of others.”

– Dalai Lama
The Spiritual Leader of Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism

Personal growth has no place where fear and ignorance run the place and mistrust fill the air. Support to grow towards dreams, a credit of trust with no doubt and patience – encourage openness, trust, and growth towards visions and dreams found within the self.

“(…) Everybody dropped dead right now, and I didn’t, I would be left with what I had created for myself. And what the hell would the point be if I would be just creating something that somebody else wanted me to be created, that I had no say in and that person died and everybody else died and nobody mattered except me? I am stuck with the shit I didn’t want in the first place! That’s trash! (…)”

– Billie Eilish, 2018
Interview @Vanity Fair

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It’s magic