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Incredible excitement witnessed in business thanks to Technology and Automation, and an unprecedented fear of it in Society at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now, is taking over the stage as one of the main priorities for next funding plans. At least up to the year 2025. With China, Europe, and the US setting their ambition with trillions (14 trillion) of US dollars. It is planned to accumulate increase in efficiency equivalent to 5-7 trillion US dollars. AI will keep revolutionizing industries either by accompanying people or leaving them with no jobs they traditionally used to.


At the same time from a business perspective, traditional education is more often being put under question. It is apparently teaching us to be routine task-oriented agents of the Society, rather than expand creative thought, build relations and organically grow towards topics that are interesting and unveiling potential.

Society can be defined as a group of people, who share a common economic, social and industrial infrastructure. Society is an organization of people who share a common cultural and social background. In sociology, the term “Society” refers to a complex pattern of the norms and interaction that arise among them. People are only agents of social relationships; they are regarded as things. A society is intangible, it is a process rather than a thing, motion rather than structure. Society is a web of social relationships, the pattern of norms of interaction by which the members of society maintain themselves.

An interesting Entrepreneurial view on traditional education @Instagram.

“… in the last 6 months, I hired 8 to 10 kids … 22 (age) and under. One was taking home school, 12-th grade, he never been looked up by any other company but he had been obsessed by personal growth, online marketing classes. One of the sharpest kids I had ever met. I hired him at 17. Right now I spend about 200k … on facebook. He is 100% responsible for that spend completely. He just had his 18th birthday. Because I hire based on values, based on their grit, on their morals, based on where they wanna go and their self-education they did prior.” – Dean Graziosi.

“I don’t think it’s the old days when my guidance counselor told me to look for a factory job … those days are dead … we have a school system in some cases that’s kinda modeled off the industrial revolution. We have bells and whistles and can’t collaborate with people. If you collaborate, that is cheating. In real life, if I do not collaborate with anyone – my business dies, right?” – Dean Graziosi.

Simply making a job done is not enough. There are official rules derived from prior industrial revolutions and there is a human codex that any individual understands. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said – “break the rules but don’t break the law”. Rules are written as general guidelines and are not perfect since cannot encompass all variables and situations. But deep at the core, it is the emotional intelligence and desire to learn about a person that rules the interaction

Individual Empowerment

#Sharing Economy #Thank you Economy #Individual Empowerment

Distributed approach, mobility, mobile devices, social networks and Internet of Things (IoT), serve as enablers for people to generate value rapidly and exchange it seamlessly, both fast and secure. As a result, the speed of development and the level of creativity increases exponentially. Not to mention AI input.

Digital Society is the time of the history where individuals get empowered by technology and the prerequisite for so to happen is a mixture of secure and distributed environment for safe space to collaborate, interact and provide the service to many by a single individual.

“Find a way to Serve the many, for Service to many leads to Greatness” – Jim Rohn.

The New Era

Apparently, it is becoming more important what an individual represents in terms of experiences, ability to interact, communicate and demonstrate emotional intelligence, rather than simply execute the routine tasks and follow the rules blindly. As once said “…we leave emotional content…” – part of Bruce Lee’s legacy from Eastern Philosophy included in “Enter the Dragon” movie.

Repetitive jobs that do not accumulate value or have no significance for person to person interaction – disappear. People are becoming empowered and important to each other more than ever, bringing the topic of “The Thank you Economy” that Gary Vaynerchuk introduced to even greater significance. Not to mention the great ancient Eastern philosophy.

By the end of the day, it is a transition of power from centralized sources to decentralized ones across the agents of the Society – us, humans. As we speak today, both Automation and AI strives forward and so does the Digital Society.

No doubt, we are about to witness an incredible new world. Social Singularity is happening, now.

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