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Emotional content, the Vibes

It might be familiar when you already know that it would not be easy, rather hard as hell to deal with the person or the contrary, it will be a comfortable and pleasant, cheerful company. One of the reasons is the emotional level.

It is either the person who will learn a lesson by defeating his own ambitious mind or you will take a hefty portion of responsibility and provide emotional investment at the expense of your emotional state. The energy or the force if you may. Or the other, it will be like a flow of positive vibes that nourish you and ones around you. Can you imagine where the right vibes combined can lead?

Direct impact on behavior and health

Low emotional levels e.g. lead to the inability to assess if a threat is real or just an illusion that the mind constructed as a threat. Being attached to places and things in spite of the fact it might become a trap. And the inability to move towards dreams in spite of the difficulties that await ahead by overcoming doubt and fear, and believing, moving forward even when results are still nor visible or tangible.

Some negative health conditions develop from low emotional levels, e.g. headache, kidney failures might not be a result of physical impact but rather because of fear, anger, covert hostility, etc. Such emotional states or consciousness are well described by Dr. David Hawkins (consciousness levels) and L. Ron Hubbard (emotional tone levels).

Emotional levels on Hawkings scale

When we speak of a gut feeling when dealing with an individual, I believe we assess the individual’s emotional state. The vibrations. And I cannot describe it in any other words.

Depending on individuals’ vibrations it is fairly easy to understand the behavior in the future, actions, and response actions. You cannot say exactly what it will be, but you surely understand the direction.

Eventually, the background of an individual has little significance. The emotional state speaks louder than an individual’s knowledge or experience. As once Bruce Lee said:

“… we live emotional content …”

– Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee

To feel is no less important than measuring logically. Emotions provide content where logical facts gain meaning.

Do not think, feel. It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

– Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee

To Conclude

Sharing values and resonating with ones around you is something worth paying attention to, feeling it, and investing in. As a result, combined positive potential produce that sparkling synergy that lights up the world 🙂

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

– Les Brown

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